Palermo shopping tour

Take part in this incredible 3-hour shopping tour to experience a unique experience in the most prestigious fashion boutiques in Palermo. 

You will have a Personal Shopper to be updated on the latest fashion trends. During the tour you will also walk in the most beautiful areas of Palermo and admire some monuments and beauties.

Together with us, you will discover that shopping is even more fun than you thought! We will help you choose the most suitable clothes for you, the new trends of the season, making a targeted tour of the boutiques of Via Libertà and Via Ruggero Settimo, the shopping streets of Palermo. Together we will take a fun and exciting ride in which we will recommend the right outfit.

This shopping tour is for those who want an exclusive look, mixing elegance with haute couture. We’ll take you to the center of high fashion in Palermo, visiting ateliers where you can pick out pieces from the latest collections. A personal shopper will create a shopping tour that includes boutiques, showrooms, and jewelry stores, according to your personal needs, and whether you’re interested in updating your day-to-day look or searching for something for a special occasion.

And if you want your journey to last even longer and you want to bring something typical of the city with you that you can remember for a long time, we can visit shops that sell well-made objects or local crafts such as the magnificent ceramics.

The cost of the tour is €20 per person (2 minimum, if you are alone the cost is €40).